Civil Law.

Our firm offers legal counsel in cases related to the civil status of the family, from the possibility of changing names and surnames to the proceedings regarding the inheritance. We are also specialized in the legal protection of property, obligations and contracts and proceedings related to the marriage, common law partners and separation or divorce.

Civil liability and compensation proceedings


Pre-nuptial agreements.

Separation and divorce.

Marriage nullity.

Modification of legal terms after a judiial sentence.

Drafting post-nuptial agreements.

Liquidation of conjugal societies.

Non-payment of child support.


Drafting of legal reports about inheritance issues.

Counseling regarding wills and succession agreements.

International inheritances.

Acceptance, distribution and division of inheritances.

Nationality & Immigration

Our firm can handle any type of proceeding in the field of immigration such as:

Nationality proceedings.


Residence permits and their renewal.

Family regrouping.

Homologation and recognition of certificates.

Administrative and judicial appeal.

Cancellation of criminal records.

Procedures related to EU citizens, European Economic Area citizens and Swiss citizens.

Advice and counsel to investors and entrepreneurs.

Administrative Law

YL Abogados offers legal counseling regarding any type of proceedings before the Public Administration:

Drafting legal documents related to administrative fields.

Sanctioning proceedings.

Expropriation proceedings.

Filing appeals against decisions from the Administration.

Contentious-administrative litigation in court.

Proceedings related to the liability of the Administration.

Maritime Law

Llandres Yasunaga Despacho de Abogados en Palma de Mallorca

YL Abogados’ services are aimed at reducing the risk and uncertainty that surrounds the field of maritime navigation. The technological evolution, the proliferation of national and international norms and the importance of transport and logistics justify the need to get counseling that is specialized in a wide array of arrangements and operations such as:

Ship purchase and leasing.

Registration in the Registry of movable property.

Contracts related to ships.

Ship embargo.

Proceedings before the Maritime administration (Administration Responsibility procedures. Appealings. Administrative permits. Port tariffs).

Counseling for Port authorities and sailing clubs.

Proceedings related to abandoned boats.

Real Estate Law

YL Abogados offers judicial and extrajudicial counseling regarding residences, business premises or urban plots and any type of urban and real estate arrangements.

  • Home purchases.
  • Urban leases.
  • Eviction actions.
  • Agricultural leasing.

We’ll accompany you during the preliminary stages preparing and writing pre-contracts, purchase option agreements, etc.

We counsel you during the negotiation and drafting phases of any agreement such as purchase contracts, lease contracts, exchange contracts, dation in payment of any type of property.

We can obtain licences and administrative permits regarding urban planning, we act as legal counsel in proceedings related to urban discipline before the administration and before courts.

We draft legal reports related to urban and environmental issues in order to ensure that the operations are in accordance with the law.

We provide legal counsel in judicial litigation and extrajudicial arrangements related to Real Estate and any type of property.