Real Estate Law

YL Abogados offers judicial and extrajudicial counseling regarding residences, business premises or urban plots and any type of urban and real estate arrangements.

  • Home purchases.
  • Urban leases.
  • Eviction actions.
  • Agricultural leasing.

We’ll accompany you during the preliminary stages preparing and writing pre-contracts, purchase option agreements, etc.

We counsel you during the negotiation and drafting phases of any agreement such as purchase contracts, lease contracts, exchange contracts, dation in payment of any type of property.

We can obtain licences and administrative permits regarding urban planning, we act as legal counsel in proceedings related to urban discipline before the administration and before courts.

We draft legal reports related to urban and environmental issues in order to ensure that the operations are in accordance with the law.

We provide legal counsel in judicial litigation and extrajudicial arrangements related to Real Estate and any type of property.